Setting the Clocks Ahead This Weekend Will Cost the U.S. $434 Million . . . Here's How Much It'll Cost Your City


This Sunday is the worst day of the year . . . the day we set our clocks ahead, lose an hour of sleep, and make ourselves tired and miserable for a week.



--Turns out the Daylight Savings change also costs us MONEY.  According to a new study, losing just that one hour is going to cost the U.S. $434 MILLION.



--That's based on an estimate of lost productivity, and the costs incurred from the increase in heart attacks and the increase in injuries in mining and construction jobs.



--Morgantown, West Virginia . . . which is a big mining town . . . has the highest cost of the lost hour per capita.  Changing the time will cost every person in Morgantown $3.38.



--The cities with ZERO economic impact are all in Hawaii and Arizona . . . because they don't participate in Daylight Saving Time.  They may just be on to something.