The Top 10 Things That Can Ruin a Vacation

We've got a list of the top 10 things that can ruin a vacation.  But it's more like the 10 most COMMON things that can ruin a vacation.  Because it doesn't include stuff like getting kidnapped and needing LIAM NEESON to rescue you.



Here are the top 10 most common things that can ruin a vacation . . .



1.  Bad service or unfriendly staff.


2.  Uncomfortable beds.


3.  Everything's too expensive when you get there.


4.  Bad food.


5.  Noisy people.


6.  Expensive or bad WiFi.


7.  A small bathroom.


8.  The weather.


9.  When the place you go doesn't look like the photos.


10.  Extremely early or late flight times.