Yes or No: The Pope Has an Upcoming Cameo on "The Big Bang Theory"


It's time for "Yes or No."  We give you a statement, and you decide YES, it's true . . . or NO, it's false.  Today is JIM PARSONS' birthday . . . the guy who plays Sheldon Cooper on "The Big Bang Theory", the nerd with the short hair.



1.  Jim Parsons is 41 years old.


Yes:  According to the show, his character was born in 1981, which would make him 33.  But he actually turns 41 today.



2.  Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki date on the show, and they've also dated in real life.


Yes:  They dated for several years starting around 2008.  But they hardly ever talked about it.  Kaley married a pro tennis player named Ryan Sweeting this past New Year's Eve.



3.  Johnny Galecki was Roseanne's son,D.J. on "Roseanne".


No:  He played Darlenne's boyfriend, David.  Then he and actress, Sara Gilbert ALSO dated in real life . . . until she realized she was gay.



4.  Kunal Nayyar plays Raj on "The Big Bang Theory", and before that he was in the movie "Van Wilder" as Van's Indian friend, Taj.


No:  That was Kal Penn from the "Harold and Kumar" movies.  But Simon Helberg . . . who plays Howard on "The Big Bang Theory" . . . DID have a small part in "Van Wilder", as a nerd named Vernon.



5.  Pope Francis has an upcoming cameo on this season of "The Big Bang Theory".


No:  One of the producers joked about it last year.  But they didn't actually book him.