June 9th



Last week I decided to make some margaritas and they came out great except I had to use table salt on my rim! NOT something I recommend. These Salt & Lime Rita Rims from the SkyMall magazine are a life saver! They come in a package with pre-salted rims! Oh yeah! Definitely keeping these on hand. Choose from strawberry sugar or salt and lime rims. A pack of 24 cups is $25.99 and a pack of 48 is $49.99.


Daily deals sites are always great, a new one that’s been on my watch list is EverSave. Yesterday they were featuring this cool wrap dress cover up that could be worn a bunch of ways for $14…including shipping. It’s regularly $39! There are several categories of deals; getaways, apparel and shoes, beauty & spas, electronics, food & drink, jewelry, and many more! There’s a deal for everyone on this site! Grad dad a Father’s Day gift while you’re there!