Ryan Seacrest & Tanya Accidentally Messed Up Sisanie’s Anniversary Surprise


Oops! Ryan Seacrest and Tanya Rad accidentally messed up Sisanie’s own wedding anniversary surprise for her husband Michael last weekend. It all went down after Seacrest, Tanya and Patty Rodriguez tried to also surprise the couple, who were celebrating their sixth wedding anniversary in Newport Beach.

“It wasn’t exactly how I planned it,” Seacrest recalled on-air. “We wanted to send you and Michel a bottle of champagne and I said to Tanya ‘find out where she’s going to dinner' … and then let’s send from us a bottle of champagne to the restaurant so it arrives at the dinner.”

Tanya interjected that “to be fair,” Seacrest didn’t specify “restaurant” and the team sent the bottle to their hotel.

“Everybody was trying to surprise everybody,” Sisanie hilariously added. “I was trying to surprise Michael with a bottle of champagne and he was trying to surprise me with a bottle of champagne and then I guess the hotel was like ‘what is happening?’ when you guys called [and] canceled our bottles and then just sent yours.”


Watch back the sweet on-air moment in the video and happy anniversary, Sisanie & Michael!

Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest

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