Meghan Trainor Reveals Very Sparkly Album Cover, Album Title & Release Date

Meghan Trainor - Treat Myself Album Cover Art

Meghan Trainor has revealed the very sparkly album cover art for her new album, which is called Treat Myself, and she looks like an amazing glittery unicorn.

The Treat Myself album cover shows a colorful rainbow background as Meghan is standing in a silver glittery naked dress. This is definitely the most revealing outfit Trainor has worn on an album cover before ... and she looks great!

Meghan revealed her Treat Myself album title and released date — August 31st — on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show. She told Elvis of her album title, "I love my album starting with a 'T' to represent 'Trainor,' my family, and I wrote a song on this album called "Treat Myself" that's all about, anything you go through in life, you can get out of, and don't forget to reward yourself after that. Treat yo'self, you know?"


Meghan has overcome a lot over the last year or two having gone through major vocal surgery. Back in March, when she released her single "No Excuses," the 24-year-old explained that after having gone through a difficult time, she came out of it finding the love of her life (and now fiancé Daryl Sabra), helping up-and-coming artists realize their dreams by becoming a panelist on The Four: Battle For Stardom, and more. She explained during an interview with iHeartRadio:

"It's about love, happiness, and everything I've been going through with Daryl, and with surgery, but very universal so everyone can sing along and feel the same as I did. And it's fun. It's what we need right now. We need some upbeat jams."

Treat Myself is Meghan's third full-length studio album and follows her 2016 album Thank You. And the new record is a family affair as her entire family — including fiance Daryl — sing on each song. Her father, Gary Trainor, also plays the piano and organ on one of the tracks.

Fans can pre-order Meghan's new album Treat Myself starting on June 20th.


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