New Pink Peony Minnie Ears Now Available At Disney Parks

It may still be winter but spring is coming early at Disney Parks!

When you think spring, you think florals, bright colors and now the new Pink Peony Minnie Ears!


If you remember the floral ears from last year, these are a little different. These large peony blooms are gathered together to create the iconic Minnie Ears. They are attached to a pastel green headband, which almost looks like a stem. The inside of the headband is also lined with a beautiful powder pink velor. There is no bow, but it doesn't really need one!

These ears have already been spotted at Disneyland and will be coming to Walt Disney World soon! For people who aren't close to a Disney park, they will also be coming toshopDisneysoon too!

JoJo Wright

JoJo Wright

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