Neighbor's 9-Word Sign Is Making House Next Door Impossible To Sell

Buying a home is a huge expenditure, often times it's the biggest purchase of a person's life, so most prospective homeowners take into account everything when it comes to their decision. They will inspect the smallest details of a house to ensure it is up to their standards because missing an issue could wind up being very costly. So if potential buyers see a nearby sign that puts even the slightest amount of doubt in their minds, it can easily dissuade them from making an offer. That's why in one neighborhood, the sign a homeowner put up is making the house next-door nearly impossible to sell.

That person, who lives next door to a home that is currently being built, placed their banner in a way so that anyone looking at the house under construction could easily see it. It shows an arrow pointing to the house that is under construction and reads in large black letters, "Do not buy that house before talking to me."

A TikToker drove by the scene, filmed it, and shared it with the caption, "The neighborhood drama is getting spicy."

The clip has been watched millions of times, with just about every viewer left wondering what it is the neighbors have to say.

One person wrote, "I can't decide if they are trying to save the potential buyer, or interview the potential buyer." Another stated, "The fact that they paid for a sign and welcomed random people to knock on their door is enough for me. Not all heroes wear capes." However someone else wonders what type of person the neighbors really are, writing, "That neighbor is either totally amazing or totally insufferable. No middle ground."

Well, the woman who filmed the original video actually went to find out - she visited the neighbors to get the lowdown. She said, "They are absolutely wonderful people. They are not a Karen," and explained, "They are really just trying to help people not purchase a really crappy home."

Apparently, the builder of the new house also flipped the house of the people who put up the sign, and the builder's allegedly shoddy work has cost those homeowners upwards of $100,000. They needed to get new plumbing, new electrical, new dry wall, and more. They claim the build site next door has been shut down multiple times due to code violations and that there had been three inches of standing water on the subfloor, which froze and then melted, ruining it.

The woman has promised to keep viewers up to date, but hasn't had many new videos. Nonetheless, you can follow her on TikTok.

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