Kindergarten Teacher Upsets Moms By Drinking & Cursing With Friends

There’s nothing better than being able to relax with friends after a long hard workweek, but when you’re a teacher that isn’t always easy, as one young kindergarten teacher recently found out. 

A 27-year-old kindergarten teacher recently shared a troubling experience she had on Reddit. Here’s what went down:

  • One weekend she was enjoying some outdoor dining with friends to celebrate her birthday when she encountered two moms from school who were there with their children.
  • They exchanged hellos, and the moms sat right near her.
  • The OP explains that she continued having fun, drinking wine and “conversing normally with my friends, occasionally using cuss words.”
  • One mom came over to tell her she “shouldn’t be drinking and cursing in front” of the kids, adding that since she was the kids’ teacher “it was my job to set a good example for them.”
  • The OP then informed the mom she was “off the clock,” adding, “if it was bothering her she could move or stop listening to me.” 
  • As you can imagine this didn’t go over well. She says the mom “got all huffy,” and later in the week the OP was actually called to the principal’s office with the mother there.
  • Lucky for her, after both told their side of the story the principal sided with the teacher, noting since she wasn’t doing anything wrong, “they couldn’t control my behavior off the clock.”
  • He later cautioned the teacher that maybe she should have rethought her actions, but the OP still doesn’t think she did anything wrong.

As for Reddit, the opinions about what happened were mixed.

  • Some agreed that she is not a teacher 24/7, and suggested the moms could have used the incident as a teachable moment.
  • Others suggested this was part of the job, and that the OP does represent the school so she should have watched her behavior.
  • Some thought she should have asked to be moved, while others thought the moms should have moved.
  • But at least one thought the OP did absolutely nothing wrong. “Teaching is just a job, not a 24/7 lifestyle,” they wrote. “As long as what you’re doing is legal, it is no one’s business at all.” 

Source:Little Things

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