Celebrate National Dessert Day Today

October 14this National Dessert Day! For one day, let’s just forget about all the calorie and fat content in your favorite desserts because today is the day to enjoy them! From cakes, cookies, jello, pastries, pies and pudding, the list of desserty goodness is endless.

Over the years, desserts have changed from natural candies and nuts to complex soufflés and multi-layered cakes. The available ingredients affect the range of desserts that can be made in each region. The very first desserts required minimal effort or preparation since ancient cultures were more focused on the nutrition in foods in order to survive.

Now, in modern day culture, there are many more options available in desserts. Ice Cream went from a shaved ice substance with an added flavoring to the dairy based, sweet treat, that today’s children crave.

So try something new or old today! Whether you’re making a dessert at home or going to your local bakery, have a happy and fattening National Dessert Day!

SOURCE: Dr. Daves

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