Amazon Prime Day Checklist And Deals

Amazon Prime Day has become one of the major shopping events of the year, and – after a delay – it’s finally here. Starting today, and going through tomorrow, cyber shoppers all over the world can take advantage of some killer deals and all the things you need, want, or you’ve never really thought about…but it looks cool at the moment.

It can also lead to some unnecessary shopping stress and severe over-spending if you’re not smart about things and go crazy with it all. So, to properly prepare yourself, try to keep these expert tips in mind as you explore the site for deals:

  • Check Out Other sites –Amazon Prime Day is filled with aggressive marketing aimed at impulse buying. Be sure to check out other sites to ensure what your getting is really a deal you can’t get anyplace else.
  • Impulsiveness –Shopping with just one click makes impulse buying easy. Take a moment to think about what you’re getting and if you really want it before you make the commitment. Try counting to ten or some other number that makes you feel better about things.
  • Lightning Deals –You can check out upcoming “Lightning Deals” on the app, and click “Watch” on the ones you’re interested in. Then, you’ll get a notification when the deal goes live and are ready to pounce.
  • Research –Do your due diligence and make sure what you’re buying is what you truly want and is a quality item. You don’t want to get so carried away that you end up buying something less than what you’re looking for.
  • Budget –Create a list of the things you’re in need of, and how much you have to spend on it. Amazon Prime Day is an easy way to overextend yourself if you’re not disciplined.
  • Check Dates –Make sure that what you’re buying isn’t going to be something that’s outdated by the time you get it. This especially goes for tech items. Read the fine print so you’re not stuck with something someone just wanted to get off their shelves to make room for the new stuff.
  • Timing –There are lots of great deals out there but think about if those deals might be even better on Black Friday or after the new year. It’s a gamble, but one worth thinking through.
  • Rewards –Make sure you’re using a credit card that gives you points and rewards. Especially if you’re the type that pays it off every month.
  • Bundles –Bundle deals are great if you can use all the items in the bundle. If you can’t use something in it, then it’s a waste.

Source:Ask Men

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