Gwen Stefani & No Doubt Celebrate 25th Anniversary Of “Tragic Kingdom”

Saturday marked the 25th anniversary of No Doubt’s hit album “Tragic Kingdom” and Gwen Stefani took to social media to celebrate the milestone. 

"I have so many memories. So many people that I've met through the years that have told me that that's their favorite record," Gwen shared. "I didn't even think it would come out, let alone have people love it and listen to it and it be their favorite. I feel like I'm still just a girl from Orange County, but I have all these blessings."

She also thanked her No Doubt bandmates, as well as all the fans of the album, noting their support “just fuels my fire and music makes the world go 'round." Check it out to the right.

No Doubt’sTony Kanalalso marked the milestone. "Through all of the fun and challenging times, we were just a group of friends on a mission to express ourselves musically. Sometimes It felt like it was us against the world but our love for our band got us through it all,” he shared. “To everyone that embraced Tragic Kingdom and made it a part of their lives, you have my never ending appreciation and gratitude. You guys are incredible. You gave us the fuel to continue creating, keep playing, write more songs and release more albums. Happy 25th Tragic Kingdom to us all.”

Adrian Youngadded, “Thank you to those who have shared this crazy and spectacular ride with us! Knowing that this record has touched so many of your lives makes the recognition of this day that much more special!"

Source:Gwen Stefani

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