Family Wins $6.4M After Playing Same Lottery Numbers 25 Years

The family that plays together may win together, if they play long enough like this Irish family. A group of relatives who’ve been playing the lottery together for 25 years using the same set of numbers finally hit it big in a recent drawing.

The dad from Kilkenny says he was scanning the newspaper in a store when he spotted those familiar numbers in a lottery announcement. “We’ve been playing the exact same Lotto numbers for 25 years, so I could spot them a mile off,” he explains. And when he checked, he found they now had a nearly $6.4-million jackpot to share.

As for what the brood will be buying, they don’t have plans for any spending sprees. The father says the family has all faced tough times financially, so they’re being practical with the money. “The one thing we have all been looking forward to is visiting our own individual banks to pay off our mortgages,” he explains. “There really is no better feeling than that!”


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