A Guy Got Struck by Lightning, and People Who Saw It Saved His Life

If you haven't seen this yet, the footage is nuts. A 27-year-old guy near Houston named Alex Coreas was out walking his three dogs last Thursday when he got struck by LIGHTNING. And a security camera got it on video.

It stopped his heart, and he fell face-first on the pavement. But luckily, he was walking by a vet's office when he got hit. And one of the employees saw it happen.

A woman named Christy Mittler told her co-workers he was gonna need CPR. And when they got to him, his clothes were charred . . . his shoes and socks had been ripped in half . . . and there was a big hole in the concrete.

They immediately started chest compressions and called 911. And because they got to him so fast, he MADE it. 

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