February 20th

We LOVE good deeds! Paying it forward is definitely something we love on the show. Spread The Care is a fun way to do something great while encouraging others to do the same. Purchase their Spread the Care Cards, register your card. Do a good deed for someone, anyone, anywhere and pass the card along to them. Encourage that person to do a good deed and keep the card moving. Track your cards as the move all over the world and communicate with people in your deed string! There’s an interactive map for you to watch where the good deeds have happened! Spread the Care! One card is $5 and the money will go to the cause of your choice.



Your friends are going to start calling you a filter pro if you use the pho.to.lab app to edit your photos! It comes filled with an unbelievable amount of filters, effects, templates, and more! With pho.to.lab your face into a caricature, add fun borders and backgrounds, put your face on a magazine cover or in the body of an animal! Although there is a pro version I thick the free version does just fine for iPhone and Android users.