May 15th



Whether you're shopping or it's a night out, sometimes you just don't want to carry a purse, it's annoying! But you need your ID and credit cards. And what about your phone dying? That is super annoying too. Here's how we solve both problems - Everpurse's Mini! It's a wallet that charges your phone! It looks like a wallet and his full wallet functionality but your phone snaps into the front of it to charge. You are still able to use your iPhone as it's charging. Available for iPhone 5/5s it’s $129 to pre-order it, shipping starts this summer.


Covet is a fashion app that's also a game...a very addicting game. It's like playing dress-up with an avatar and then you can shop the looks! Style your avatar with a full outfit, hair, and makeup. Covet puts you up against other styles and people will vote which ones they like better. You'll also get to vote on which user styles you like better. The more you play and the more people like your styles the more "money" and tickets you have to spend to buy items that will build up your closet! The cool part is that you can buy all of the items...with real money. I played games like this as a kid, Barbie Fashion Designer to be exact, it's awesome to have an adult version! It's FREE for iPhone and Android.