Check out some of the most Popular Apps of 2013! How many of these have you downloaded?

1. Vine has gone viral this year! It is so fun to create short and sweet looping videos in a simple and fun way for all to see!


2. Snapchat is the must have app of the year. Sending crazy pictures, drawings, and videos for a limited amount of time is the coolest way to communicate with friends!

 3. Instagram allows you to capture moments with beautiful filters and then share them with all!


4. iHeartRadio is the fasted way to get a mix of radio and music streaming right from your mobile device!

5. Heads Up is a fun and hilarious game from Ellen DeGeneres!


6. Pinterest is addictive enough already…and now it’s available on your mobile device!


7. Target Cartwheel is the best app for the ultimate shopper!

8. iMadeFace is the hottest new trend where you can swap your face with a cartoon face!


9. Waze is a favorite of Carla Marie’s! She uses to get around everywhere!

10. Squareready is loved by everyone! It’s the best way to perfect your instagram photos!

11. Sleep Cycle is an awesome alarm clock that senses your movements to pick the best time to wake you up!

12. Cam Find allows you to take a picture of any item and then it tells you where can you buy it!


13. My Talking Pet is the cutest app that allows your pets to talk through photos!