Hardwell dares you. The newly crowned #1 DJ is daring fans to use Shazam to listen to his new single.

Shazam has been used by over 375 million people around the world, and is easily one of the most popular music apps. That's why Hardwell is using it to share his new single. 

Tomorrow (11/7) at 12pm GMT (7 a.m. ET), a 20-second clip of Hardwell's new song will be uploaded to his YouTube channel. Then, fans can Shazam the the track and stream it in full on the app! 

Which track is it? Well that will be revealed tomorrow, but when we talked to Hardwell at TomorrowWorld, he did mention he was excited about a new vocal single he was working on with Matthew Koma.

Check it out tomorrow, and Shazam!

Photo Credit Getty Images